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Manually Creating an Invoice

You can manually create invoices for a registration if necessary, such as for additional items to be billed that aren’t available in the registration process.

To manually create an invoice:

  1. Navigate to: Manage Registrations > Delegate Registrations
  2. Search for the registration in question, tick and click “View Statement”
  3. Click on “Add Invoice”
  4. Give the invoice a title. This is what will show up in your invoice report.
  5. The contact & address should autoassign as you are within a registration
  6. Due Date: If you wish to set a due date you can, however the automatic invoices in iVvy do not have a due date.
  7. Description: allows you to display information you wish to display on the invoice.
  8. Click “Add items to this invoice” and Save. You will be taken to the items tab of the invoice.
  9. Click “Add Item”
  10. Give the item a description, a quantity and the Total Amount (if you have a quantity of 2, then its the total amount of the two combined), calculate the tax and save.
  11. Continue the process, with the items required for the invoice until you have all items required invoiced out to the contact. 


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