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Event and Delegate Management

  • Unlimited events (limit of 5 sign-ups per event)
  • Full event management tools
Online Registration
  • Unique website for each event
  • Website rebranding available with a paying account

Email and SMS Marketing

  • 30 free email templates
  • Up to 50 contacts
  • Unlimited email campaigns

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does the free trial work?

When you sign up for a free trial, we give you 14 days to try iVvy. If you would like to continue you can enter in your credit card details to activate your account.

Q. Are there long-term contracts involved?

iVvy is a month to month subscription service. There are no long-term contracts so you can cancel at any time. Cancelling is easy - just go to settings, then choose "Cancel Account".

Q. System requirements?

iVvy is Software as a Service, so it runs through your web browser. We support IE 7, 8, & 9 Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari 5 and higher. (Sorry no IE 6).


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Who uses iVvy


  • Professional Ticketing
    Attendees can print their own tickets
  • Sessions and Tracks
    Customise the sign-up process
  • Delegate Management
    Attendees can login to manage their registration
  • Exhibitors
    Manage every aspect of exhibitors
  • Reporting and Analytics
    Measure performance and trends
  • Name Badges
    Flexible name badging
  • Attendance Scanners
    iPhone and commercial scanners
  • Membership Management
    Sign-up and management membership renewals
  • Secure and Reliable
    World-class infrastructure
  • Abstract Submissions
    Manage and 'call for papers' process
  • Email and SMS Marketing
    Integrate world-class marketing tools
  • Brandable Websites
    Free website for every event