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Viewing Email Reports

When you send your Email Campaigns, the iVvy system will immediately begin generating reports on the campaign. This includes the open rate, bounce rate and any unsubscribes. By viewing your email reports, you will get a better idea of how well your email campaigns are working, and whether you need to make any changes to your techniques.

To view your Email Report:

In the marketing section

  1. Click on Email Campaigns.

  2. Click View next to the Email Campaign who’s report you wish to view.

  3. Click on View Report.

  4. To see the addresses of all the recipients of the email campaign, click on the number next to Recipients.
  5. Under Summary you’ll see a graph of Opens and Clicks over time. This data is useful in determining what time of the day your recipients are most likely to read their emails, and most likely to click on any links within your email.

  6. Under Delivery, you can view how many opens, unopens and bounces your Email Campaign received. View which contacts are in these characters by clicking on the blue text under the large headings. This data gives you and idea as to who is interested in the topic of your email (the Opens), who you can re-market the email to (Unopens) and who’s address you may need to double check (the Bounces.)

  7. Under Unsubscribes you can view the reasons people gave for unsubscribing to your campaigns.

  8. Under Links, you can view what percentage of your Openers clicked on the links you included in your email. (For example, links to your website or to the event’s webpage.) You can also view who click on each link by selecting the link and clicking View.
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